Monthly Archives: June 2009

Stop Those Wrinkles and Wiping Rags

Stop Those Wrinkles To prevent the wet pages of a book from wrinkling, place sheets of paper cloth wipers between every wet page, close the book, place a heavy book on top, and let sit overnight. The wiping rags will … Continue reading

Stop Dampness and Wiping Rags

Stop Dampness To prevent or kill mildew in damp books, sprinkle corn starch throughout the book to absorb the moisture from damp pages, wait several hours, and then use cloth rags to clean. Buyers are provided with a large range … Continue reading

Tricks of the Trade and Wiping Rags

Tricks of the Trade Place an untreated charcoal in a closed bookcase to absorb moisture and prevent mildew, then clean with soft cotton rags. Purchasing Agents are provided with a complete product line of inexpensive wiping rags with fast shipment … Continue reading

Odor Control and Wiping Rags

Odor Control To remove musty odors from old books, place the books in an airtight containers, sprinkle some baking soda inside the tub, seal the container closed, and let sit for a week, turning the books over every few days … Continue reading

Control Smells and Wiping Rags

Control Smells To eliminate musty smells from an old book, place several sheets of fabric softener throughout the pages of a book, seal it inside a large storage bag and let sit for two weeks. Clean with soft wiping rags. … Continue reading

Newspapers and Wiping Rags

Newspapers To deodorize musty books, place the books inside a paper bag filled with crumpled up pages from newpapers and let sit for several days. The newsprint absorbs the musty smells. Repeat if necessary. Then clean with lint free cloth … Continue reading

Mattress Protection and Wiping Rags

Mattress Protection Protect a mattress from a bed wetter by spraying the mattress with fabric guard to resist moisture. Blot with cotton rags. Rags are shipped nationwide. You can make a choice of bar mops, cotton rags – white cotton … Continue reading