Clean Dust Bunnies and Wiping Rags

Clean Dust Bunnies

To clean the dust from under a bed, cut off one leg from a clean, used pair of panty hose, place it over the end of a broomstick, and secure it in place with a rubber band. Slide the nylon-covered broomstick under the bed and move it back and forth like old cotton rags. Practically any type of rag or wiper is available. Our excellent customer help and prompt response to our clients needs helps to distance us from the competition. The variety of knit rags and disposable wiping rags wipers is all-inclusive. And we’ve have added an even wider choice to our disposable and cloth rag line up. Rags are being used in all manners of industries and manufacturing including painting and refinish work, janitorial and industrial places, car and boat dealers.

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