Cleaning Buyer For Wiping Rags

Professional leather cleaning companies remove mildew from leather by applying a coat of peteroleum jelly with white cotton rags. Whether you need 50 pounds or 10,000 pounds of cloth wipers, you can be helped. No matter what the job, no matter what the quantity, you are supplied with your cotton wipers or paper wipers. Virtually any type of cloth rags are available. Fleece rags are shipped nationwide. Wiping rags are provided to individuals as well! Buyers are provided with a big selection of cleaning rags, cotton wipers, and terry cloths for just about any cleaning task you have to accomplish. All cotton rags and paper wipers can be shipped internationally by private carrier or freight companies. Cloth rags are typically available boxed in 50 pound cartons, as well as, bales of 120 pounds or more.

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