Flannel Cotton Rags And Other Wiping Rags

No matter what the job, no matter what the amount, you are supplied with your cotton rags and wiping cloth needs. Container loads of cotton rags are in no way a problem. Your order of cotton rags can be packaged in boxes, bales or container loads. Cotton rags are being used in all types of businesses and industries including painting and refinish work, janitorial and manufacturing locations, car and boat dealers, airlines, manufacturing, car washes, chair manufacturing and hair salons, just to name a few. Cotton rags are delivered nationwide. You have an even wider selection of cotton rags to decide from with our disposable wipers and hand towel product lines. Virtually any type of rag or wiper is offered. Cotton rags, throwaway wipers & disposable towels, terry cloth, knit rags, cottons, wovens, disposables, bar mops are provided to customers with factory direct pricing and a generous range to pick from. Purchasing Agents are provided with a complete product line of affordable cotton rags with fast delivery from our local warehouses throughout the continental United States. Quantity discounts of cotton rags are available. Whether you need 50 pounds or 10,000 pounds of cleaning rags or wiping rags, you can be helped. You choose from a wide variety of fabric rags. Cotton rags are typically available boxed in 50 pound cartons, as well as, bales of 120 pounds or more. You obtain great prices, super service and a wide assortment. You can make a choice of bar rags, cotton rags – white cotton rags -varied disposable hand and bath towels, fleece, surgical huck towels, lint free wipers, knit rags, colored and white knits, polo knit rags, sheets, white terry cloth, towels wash rags, new products, bath towels, micro fiber housekeeping cloths, huck wipers, wovens 15×15, and cheesecloth. Customers are provided with cottons to knits and throwaway towels. Buyers are provided with a large selection of cotton rags, cleaning rags, cotton wipers, terry rags, knits, microfiber industrial cleaning cloths and wash cloths for just about any scrubbing chore you have to accomplish. Cotton rags come in a number of variations including cut, cropped and hemmed. All rag orders can be shipped internationally by private carrier or freight companies. Cotton rags are provided to individuals as well!
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