Hospital Surgical Wiping Rags

Hospital surgical cloth wipers are used by electrical generator mechanics to clean equipment during tear down. Whether by the box or truckload, we provide the correct wiping rags with timely service. Our customers reorder from us because of the best cotton wipers and exceptional service. Our vast selection of cloth rags with our understanding in the business means we can recommend the most cost efficient and suitable products for your individual needs. We manufacture and supply rags, towels and throwaway wipers for any cloth or maintenance task conceivable. Our customers are provided with the right cotton rags in a timely manner. From cottons to knits, disposable cloth wipers & throwaway towels to twill, cut, surged, laundered or unwashed – no matter what the job, no matter what the quantity – from 25 lbs. up to container loads – we can supply your rag and wiping cloth wishes.

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