Recycled Colored T-Shirt Wiper

Remanufactured train car wheel and axle factories rely on a recycled colored t-shirt wiper to clean grease before dye checking metal moving parts. All wiping rags have a very high wicking ratio for fluids, such as, oils and hydrocarbon products. Other cloth wipers are cut from larger pieces and packaged for distribution. Using terry towel cotton wipers or paper wipers to wipe excess drips and spills is key to helping reduce the carbon foot print. No matter what the job, no matter what the quantity, you are supplied with your paper wipers and cotton rags. You pick from a wide range of cloth rags. You can make a choice of cloth ragsand white knits. Cotton wipers are typically available boxed in 50 pound cartons, as well as, bales of 120 pounds or more. Your order can be put up in boxes, bales or container loads. You have an even wider range to decide from with our disposable wipers and guest towel product lines. You receive great prices, super service and a wide selection.

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