Lint Free Wiping Cloths

Makeup artists use new lint free wiping cloths to clean makeup tables, after applying makeup in order to create special features or effects such as scars, aging, or illness. These cotton rags are no lint and last repeated washings. The variety of wiping rags and disposable cloth rags is all-inclusive. Practically any type of Generic DRC Roll paper wipers or cloth wipers are available. Our outstanding customer help and rapid response to our clients desires helps to separate us from the competition. Rags come in a number of options including cut, cut and hemmed from manufacturer of cloth rags. Whether you need 50 pounds or 10,000 pounds of dusting rags or wiping cloths, you can be helped. Rags are being used in all types of businesses and industries including painting and refinish work, janitorial and manufacturing locations, car and boat manufacturers, airlines, manufacturing, car portering, furnishing manufacturing and hair styling shops, just to name a few.

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Telephone toll free at 877-747-3854

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