Lint Free Shop Towel Cotton Rags

Lint free shop towel cotton rags are used by medical sonographer assemblers to wipe any oil from surfaces. Our exceptional customer help and quick response to our clients needs for white wiping rags helps to distance us from the competition. The disposable product lines can be cut to exact dimensions and folded if wanted. Rags come in a number of variations including cut, trimmed and hemmed. The variety of textile rags and disposable wiping rags wipers is all-inclusive. Practically any type of rag or wiper is available. Rags are being used in all modes of corporations and industries including oil painting and refinish work, janitorial and industrial locations, car and boat dealers, airlines, manufacturing, car washes, fitting manufacturing and hair salons, to name just a few. 


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Telephone toll free at 877-747-3854

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