Cut Denim Service Wiping Rags

Restaurant and institutional grill manufacturers use cut denim service wiping rags to wipe grill surfaces after polishing. No matter what the chore, no matter what the amount, you are supplied with your rag and wiping cloth needs. Rags are being used in all types of businesses and industries including painting and refinish work, janitorial and business locations, car and boat manufacturers, airlines, manufacturing, car washes, cabinet manufacturing and hair styling shops, just to name a few. Cleaning rags are typically available boxed in 50 pound boxes, as well as, bales of 120 pounds or more. Buyers are provided with a generous variety of cleaning rags, cotton wipers, terry cloths, knits, microfiber scrubbing rags and wash cloths for just about any housekeeping task you have to accomplish. You are provided with cottons to knits and disposable towels. You get great prices, super service and a wide selection. 

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Telephone toll free at 877-747-3854

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