Paper Like Cotton Rags

Commercial electricians use paper like cotton rags made from recycled shredded cloth. We can supply your cut all white knit rags wishes. We help you to ascertain what type of rag you ought to be using. We offer a variety of wiping rags, which are delivered to your place of business. We only offer washed, cleaned and sterilized wiping rags for every type of use and business. Quantity markdowns are available. A wiping rag is a tool. Our vast assortment of products with our experience in the industry means we can recommend the most cost effective and suitable goods for your unique needs. We offer a generous choice of cloth rags; cotton wipers, terry materials, knits, cotton cloths & wash cloths for just about any cleaning job you’ve got – on the job or at home. Whether by the box or truckload, we offer on time service. We manufacture and deliver rags, towels and throwaway wipers for any dusting or maintenance task imaginable. We supply sweatshirt fleece wiping rags to industries like yours. Our customers are provided with the right product in a timely manner. We are extremely competitive in our pricing and are environmentally responsible. Our wipers are sorted to type, cut and sanitized. Our customers reorder from us because of exceptional service. This way you save money.

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Telephone toll free at 877-747-3854

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