Disposable Cotton Wipers

Disposable cotton wipers can be stored in binsd thast contain small items that might otherwise create clutter, such as spices, dish towels, or cleaning supplies.You get great prices on paper wipers and cotton rags with super service and a wide selection. Cloth wipers come in a number of variations including cut, clipped and hemmed. Your purchase can be packaged in boxes, bales or container loads. Whether you need 50 pounds or 10,000 pounds of dusting rags or wiping cloths, you can be helped. You can make a choice of bar rags, cotton rags – white cotton rags -mixed disposable hand and bath towels, fleece, surgical huck towels, lint free wipers, knit rags, colored and white knits, polo knit rags, sheets, white terry cloth, towels wash rags, new products, bath towels, and cheesecloth.

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