Printed T-Shirt Wiping Rags

Printed t-shirt wiping rags are used by electric generator services to wipe any grease from the windings. Whether you need 50 pounds or 10,000 pounds of cotton wipers, you can be helped. Wiping rags and paper wipers are provided to individuals as well! Cloth wipers are shipped nationwide. Cloth rags, throwaway wipers & disposable towels, terry cloth, knit rags, cottons, microfiber, disposables, bar rags are provided to customers with factory direct pricing and a big variety to decide from. You can make a choice of bar mops, cotton rags – white cotton rags -assorted throwaway hand and bath towels, fleece, surgical huck towels, lint free wipers, knit rags, colored and white knits, polo knit rags, sheets, white terry cloth, towels wash rags, new products and bath towels.

Telephone toll free at 877-747-3854

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