White Fleece Wiping Rags to Clean Rubber Molds

Tire builders clean molds after cooling with solvents for wiping with white fleece wiping rags. These wiping rags are cut from clean recycled material. Cotton wipers and paper wipers are provided to customers with factory direct pricing and a big selection to pick from. You get great prices, super service and a wide assortment for cloth rags. You can make a choice of bar mops, cotton rags and hand and bath towels. You have an even wider selection to decide from with our disposable wipers and hand towel product lines. Virtually any type of rag or wiper is available. All items can be shipped internationally by private carrier or freight companies. Buyers are provided with a complete product line of cheap wiping rags with fast shipping from our area warehouses throughout the mainland United States. Rags are provided to individuals as well!

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